January 1, 2022

It’s like painting the Forth Bridge, this. I’ve got to get back to the day-job stuff that pays the bills. Here’s a rough list of what I think currently needs to be done. It’s a lot. There are lots of TODOS and FIXMES dotted through the code - I count 256 of them. Often these are notes about duplicate code, bad naming practices, or things that I’ve hard-coded which should be parameterised. Often things that need checked again.

Here are the main things, I think:


The tests all pass, and we’ve got plenty of them.But we’re at least £1bn over in income tax revenues and inequality is too low. And I haven’t checked benefits against XPlore yet.


Well, I wrote the book. With the wonderful Vaness Fry. Needed for inequality especially, I think. I wonder if this stuff has moved on? Or Backwards?


The matching in of Scottish Household Survey is very ad-hoc, and I’ll likely need to go again with LCF data. So this all needs sorting out. There’s an R implementation of the EuroStat approach that I need to either get working or (better) port to Julia.

Pensions Data

FRS has almost zero employer’s pension contributions. That alone is likely enough to account for the extra billion in tax revenues. There are a couple of sources that I could use to impute something here. probably need a literature search as well - someone must have noticed.

Uprating, weighting and timing


Lots needs done especially to get this into a state where other people could work on the code:


But I suspect the TODOs will increase ..

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To-Dos - January 1, 2022 - Graham Stark