Notes on Releasing Julia Packages

January 19, 2021

A lot has happened since I last posted. I’ll write about it when I’ve got my head around it.

For now …

Getting a release ready in Julia is painful and embarrasing for me. I keep getting things mixed up.

I’ve got 3 packages published presently:

Getting each publised involved a fair amount of pain.

Some notes:


The simplest way to publish or update a package is via JuliaHub. You need an account but you can use your GitHub Account. I think registration will work with projects not hosted on GitHub but haven’t tried this. The registration process is very fussy so everything has to be right. It usually takes me several goes to get everything right.


Deleting a git tag

I keep releasing things and then realising there’s a mistake. Suppose the tag is v1.0.3:

git tag -d v1.0.3
git push origin :v1.0.3

I don’t know what it means either …

Project.toml checklist

I hate this file sometimes. Some random things that get me every time:

Actually, seeing that it’s there, it strikes me you could do more with it.

Compat Helper

Installed automatically in Git for a published julia package. Just obey it..

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Notes on Releasing Julia Packages - January 19, 2021 - Graham Stark